Have a Candy Buffet at your Next Event!

We bring it all! Prices include jars, scoops, twist ties, & candy bags.

Other containers available upon request. Delivery & set up charges vary.
Please note any jars & scoops that are not returned may be charged.

All orders are customized to fit our clients needs and occasions. 

Prices and amounts listed are a guideline and can be adjusted depending on what is selected!

  • SUGAR BABY — $6.00 per person

    Approximately 1/4 lb of candy per person. Just like the bite-sized treat, the Sugar Baby package is perfect when only a little “sugar fix” is required or necessary.Recommended for groups 100 or larger.

  • BIT-O-HONEY — $9.00 per person

    This package is the “bee’s knees!” Satisfying & unique, it provides approximately 1/2 lb of candy per person.Minimum Recommended for groups 50 or larger.

  • GOOD & PLENTY — $12.00 per person

    A candy buffet that your guests are sure to love! Serving approximately 3/4 lb of candy per person.Recommended for groups of any size, or less than 50

  • SUGAR DADDY — $16.00 per person

    Inspired by Willy Wonka, we use our pure imagination to combine our bulk treats with a selection of gourmet chocolate & truffles to create an over the top sweet experience.Recommended for groups of any size.

  • Sweetly Chic

    Add a fashion forward element to your sweet table with a selection of our highly coveted candy wrapper dresses and candy coated accessories Gummy Bear BarBelly up with our chewy chums in every color of the rainbow and more.

  • Color My World

    Color code your sweet selection based on your corporate colors, favorite team, or special occasion.

  • Chocolate Lover

    Focused on our unique cocoa creations, learn the art of chocolate tasting and pairing.

  • Rockin Retro

    Feel like a kid again with our quirky selection of nostalgic treats. Select your favorites or by decades.

  • Candyland

    We’ve channeled our inner oompa loompa to create a Wonka Wonderland with the addition of our giant candy factices and visual elements

  • Snack Time

    Need a break from the sweet stuff? We’ve got the goods to set up a build-your-own trail mix buffet!


Our Specialist will be on site to match your candy choices to your personality! You and your guests scoop your sweets into the bags provided, then you’re treated to our famous “bag analysis”—some say it’s better than a shrink! Find out what your candy choices say about you and your group. Perfect for a group “ice breaker” and/or interaction. Remember, at Candyality...you are what you eat! — Recommended for larger groups.

Request a Quote!

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The occasion, due date (& location if seeking delivery) quantity of gifts needed, possible theme, color, candy specifics, restrictions or special instructions are all very helpful!

Contact our staff at info@candyality.com or call us at (773) 472-7800